Tax Protection Services, Inc.

offers a host of tax resolution services. Some of the issues we deal with include:

IRS Levies
-An attachment to a bank account, retirement or other asset

Wage Garnishment
-A notice to your employer to withhold money from your paycheck, or cash payments to pay over to the IRS

Offer in Compromise
-An agreement between you and the IRS to settle your debt for less than what is owed

Setting up Sub-S corporation
-An entity for self employed people to reduce self employment tax. Works very well for SE truckers.

-The process your professional goes through to obtain relief, diminish, or eliminate you tax burden and cease aggressive collection efforts. This can take many forms.

Payment Plans
-An agreement whereby the IRS agrees to accept payments in lieu of collection activity. These are usually sufficient to fully pay the debt over time.

Partial-Payment Plans
-An agreement whereby the IRS agrees to take less than the amount needed to pay your debt in full. This would be the result of limited assets or income.

Currently non-collectible
-An agreement where the IRS agrees to suspend collection activity for a period of time due to insufficient income to pay any amount.

Innocent Spouse Relief
-Release of one spouse who was unaware of fraudulent or incorrect information submitted to the IRS by their spouse on a joint filed return.

Tax Preparation
-State and Federal

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
-An amount usually equal to the amount employees had withheld from their payroll for the purposes of paying over to the taxing authority.

941 and business representation
-Payroll and business returns and all associated IRS issues

Penalty abatement
-The forgiveness of Penalties assessed by the IRS

Interest abatement
-The forgiveness of Interest charged by the IRS on delinquent taxes