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We STOP Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies and Settle Tax Debt Often for Much Less than you Owe. Get a Fresh Start! Guaranteed Results by Experienced Tax Professionals.

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Experienced Tax Professionals

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Our Tax Professionals are available to answer your questions and to identify the next steps of action to resolving the tax debt with the IRS. We provide FREE consultation and case analysis to see if you qualify for our services. Call NOW! No charge will be assessed unless we can provide you with service.

Exceptional Tax Protection

Unlike larger tax debt resolution companies, Tax Protection Services always has a Professional READY and Available to Speak with you. You will never have to go through an automated phone service. We are focused on tax debt resolution and have all professional staff onsite. No outsourcing of tax services to others and no transferring of your personal data without your consent!


Amount Owed
Amount Paid
Jeff S.
Robert J.
Civil Penalty
Margaret N.
Family Farm
Daron D.
Refund $4,319
Dallas S.
Securities Trader
Dave O.
Small Business
Doc F.
Robert C.

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We Know Your Rights! We Know Tax Laws!

We Have IRS Tax Debt Solutions!

The IRS doesn’t make the laws, just enforces them. It is necessary to have a tax professional with you, Fighting for Your Rights!

We will review the IRS tax notices and past tax returns to look for mistakes and tax savings!

We are not here to judge you for the reasons why you are behind in taxes. We are here to teach you and help you in changing your business practice or lifestyle so you’re not in tax trouble again.

Imagine no more IRS Tax Notices in the mail. Stop the threatening letters and wage garnishments right now!

Hire proper tax representation to help resolve all of your tax debt issues. Call Us NOW!

There are several strategies and many procedures we use to FIGHT THE IRS!

It is always so stressful dealing with the tax authorites and IRS. Trust the tax experts to do the detail work for you and leave the IRS formalities to us so you can get back to enjoying your life and making more money!

IRS FRESH START! Tax Relief Now!

Tax Protection Services is a confidential tax resolution company with over 30 years of successful IRS negotiaions and resolution of cases. We design customize programs to get you FREE tax debt or reduced amount of IRS tax debt.

We are licensed to do business in ANY STATE!