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Offers a Host of Tax Resolution Services. Some of the issues we deal with at Tax Protection are Tax Services listed below:


IRS Tax Levies: A Levy takes your property to pay Past Due Taxes. If you don't pay or make arrangements to settle your tax debt, the IRS can levy, seize and sell any type of real or personal property that you own or have an interest in. Call us for a Free Consultation.


IRS Tax Lien: A Lien secures the government's interest in your property for tax debt that you owe the IRS. A Lien only secures and does not seize or take your property. Liens hurts your credit and could prevent you buying a car or a home.


Wage Garnishment: The IRS issues a notice to your employer for garnishment of your paycheck, Garnishment of Salary, wages or Garnishment of Cash payments. All monies are applied to reduce your Past Due IRS Taxes. Garnishments take your money and could create others problems for you at your place of work. We can Stop Garnishments.


Offer and Compromise: An Offer and Compromise is an agreement between you, and the IRS, for Tax Forgiveness or Tax Relief of a past due Tax Debt for an amount less than what you owe. This program could provide Debt Relief for many kinds of Tax Liabilities including; Levy release, Lien release, IRS Lien Removal, Debt Cancellation, full payment of IRS back taxes, Discharge of Debt, Federal Tax Lien removal, Tax Forgiveness and other Debt Relief as provided by IRS Regulations. Call Tax Protection for an estimate of what you may save.


Setting up a Sub-S Corporation: A Sub-S Corporation is created for Self Employed people designed to reduce Self Employment Tax. Works very well for truckersThis will save you money. Learn how a Sub-S Corporation can save you money.


Tax Debt Relief though Tax Negotiation: IRS has many programs that can be used to obtain Tax Relief and stop IRS collection efforts. Various programs for Tax Forgiveness will be customized for your unique situation. Call us for a Free Consultation.


Payment Plans: An Agreement whereby the IRS agrees to accept a Payment Plan or Tax Settlement in Lieu of IRS collection activity. Payment Plans are usually sufficient to pay IRS debt, Stop a Tax Lien, and provide Tax Relief. Payment Plans can be designed or negotiated to fit your unique situation and budget.


Partial-Payment Plans: An Agreement whereby the IRS agrees to take monthly Payments over an agreed upon period of time. After the terms of the agreement are fulfilled any balance maybe forgiven. Call us Today!


Currently Not-Collectible: An Agreement where the IRS agrees to Suspend or Stop Collection Activity such as; Garnishment, Tax Liens, or Tax levy's ; for a period of time. This will only apply if the Taxpayer has limited income needed to pay any Past Due Taxes, Penalty's or Interest due the IRS. If this program goes beyond 10 years the IRS Tax Debt is subject to Tax Forgiveness due to the Statute of Limitations.


Innocent Spouse Relief: Innocent Spouse Relief Provides Forgiveness of Taxes for Spouse or former Spouse who filed joint income tax returns. If you have experienced a change in marital status and owe taxes you may qualify for this program. Call us Today for a Free Consultation.


Tax Preparation: Tax Protection and Associates are Licensed to prepare State and Federal Taxes in all 50 states.


Trust Fund Recovery Penalty: An amount usually equal to what the Employer has withheld from Employees payroll checks for the purposes of paying it to the Proper Taxing Authority plus penalties and interest.


941 and Business Representation: Representing Businesses in Payroll, Business Tax Returns and all related IRS issues.


Penalty abatement: The Forgiveness of Penalties assessed by the IRS for Delinquent Payment of Past due Taxes


Interest abatement:The forgiveness of Interest charged by the IRS for Delinquent Payment of Past due Taxes



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